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Personal Space Cleansing

Those of you who know me personally can surely tell how much I enjoy rituals that turn our small, daily habits into works of magic.

Using crystals is one of the rituals I enjoy. I believe that each crystal carries a part of consciousness that allows us to instill our intention or whatever virtue we want to work on. The crystal then acts as a multiplier enhancing our magical work. The same goes for plants and herbs. They are living organisms with consciousness and healing energy, and they allow us to work together and charge them by enhancing their properties with our own intention.

As an example, I would like to refer to my favorite ritual, that I choose for my personal space cleansing, which is done with sage. We can use it in any form, but here I want to refer mainly to the burning of dried sage. While it has on its own the ability to cleanse and purify our house and our aura from unwanted energies and tensions, if, during cleansing, I instill my intention to cleanse for example my negative thoughts, the harmful vibrations that I have recorded, the emotional tensions or anything we may have infused in our space, then it works perfectly, and the feeling I get afterwards is truly magical. Gratitude is of course an essential ingredient that always helps.

Apart from sage, that has been used over time by many religions and traditions for its cleansing properties, there are other herbs that are equally effective in purifying the energy of our personal space. One of them is rue, which is said to have the ability not only to purify and remove negative influences, but also to remove even entities that may be trapped. In any case, we can combine the process with our intention for better results.

 We can free our aura or the aura of our space from negative influences coming either from us or others.

These herbs can be dried and then beaten in a mortar until they turn into a powder, which we can then store in a jar, ready to use whenever we want. To burn this mixture, I use a shell in which I have placed a little wood ash. This allows my incense to burn slowly, as you will see in the video below. In this way, you can cleanse your home or workplace, and enjoy the beautiful changes in your life.

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