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Handcrafted, 100% natural fragrances, designed with love and intention to reflect the deep wisdom of nature. Free of synthetic ingredients and preservatives, Nymphaea is a new holistic perfume experience to awaken your senses.

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Hello there I am Zoe,

and I am thrilled to share with you the transformative experience that awaits you on this website.

Every product and service here is designed to awaken your senses and remind you of the incredible power of natural fragrances.

Nymphaea is more than just a brand – it’s a lifestyle that celebrates conscious living and the beauty of nature’s scents. With each inhale, it invites you to reconnect with your inner fragrance and live life fully, joyfully, and in harmony with the healing energies of the earth.

Our ancient Greek aromatic heritage serves as both inspiration and guide, illuminating a path towards healing through the natural aromas that surround us.

Allow me to guide you on this aromatic journey and help you tap into the infinite wisdom that already resides within you. Let’s embrace the fragrance that you are and embrace the wonders of nature together!

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Botanical Perfumer

Aromatic Consultations

Through the power of aromahology, we aim to unlock the potential of scents and their impact to our emotions. With a holistic gentle power of natural scents I will guide you on a transformative journey towards inner peace. Your sense of smell holds great wisdom and I believe in empowering you to tap into it.


Community Events

Wellcome to our aromatic community, where we aim to elevate the power and benefits of natural perfumes for our overall health and wellbeing, both physically and spiritually.
Our meetings and classes cater to individuals who are pursuing a professional career in this field, as well as those who simply appreciate the knowledge and experience that this art can evoke.
Join us in harnessing the true essence of natural perfumery and discover its transformative effects on your life.

symposium homepage
symposium homepage

1st Aromatic Symposium "Aromatic Arts in Ancient Greece"

 Bringing together a diverse panel of 14 speakers, the symposium offered a rich tapestry of insights and perspectives of ancient Greek aromatic legacy.  Our collective aspiration is to cultivate a vibrant community that will continue to push the boundaries of aromatic arts knowledge through this annual gathering.
Discover more about the symposium and join us on this inspiring journey towards aromatic enlightenment.
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Aromatic Wellness Rituals

Experience the uplifting power of a plant-based perfume, hand crafted to support you on your wellness journey.A fragrance in which the aromatic profile and energetic footprint of each plant is ther to support you.


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