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Aromatic Consultations
A personalised holistic approach, to scent you up.


Through the power of aromahology, we aim to unlock the potential of scents and their impact to our emotions. With a holistic gentle power of natural scents I will guide you on a transformative journey towards inner peace. Your sense of smell holds great wisdom and I believe in empowering you to tap into it.
Well-being through the art of aromatics.


To create your custom made perfume, we work in person. In this co-creation, we focus on your needs and based on your personality and temperament, we select the ingredients that will weave the blend that will best resonate with your energy.


Osmosophia® is my 1:1 holistic protocol, unlocking the hidden potential of natural scents, designed to tap into the wisdom of sense of smell. Departing from aromachology, combines the power of inhalation with targeted exercises and techniques for each stage of healing.
Each session lasts 60 minutes, providing a comprehensive and rejuvenating experience from day one.
Lets work together to create a personalized package tailored to your unique needs, because the nose holds all the wisdom necessary for true healing. Contact me and embark on a journey of wellness and self discovery.


Wellcome to our aromatic community, where we aim to elevate the power and benefits of natural perfumes for our overall health and wellbeing, both physically and spiritually.
Our meetings and classes cater to individuals who are pursuing a professional career in this field, as well as those who simply appreciate the knowledge and experience that this art can evoke.
Join us in harnessing the true essence of natural perfumery and discover its transformative effects on your life.


1. Is corporate consulting available?

Discover the transformative power of fragrance with our customizable corporate consulting services. Whether you have a small team or a larger business, our unique experiences are designed to enhance health, wellness, and productivity, while fostering stronger relationships and boosting creativity and confidence.

2. Can I give this experience as a gift to a loved one?

Absolutely! You can contact us at to discuss the perfect gift option, and we will provide you with a gift voucher for your loved one.

3. Are the sessions only 1:1?

Our sessions are not limited to one-on-one experiences. In fact, we offer sessions for groups of two or more who want to share the fragrance journey together. Some of our most memorable sessions have been with families, like the three sisters who created a fragrance to keep them connected even when they're apart. We've also had couples create a scent together before their wedding, using it as a reminder of their special bond.

4. I don't have a strong sense of smell. Are these sessions for me?

 Don't worry. Our sessions can help retrain and restore your sense of smell, even after loss.

5. Are the sessions only conducted in person?

No, we also offer online sessions. Simply contact us and we will provide you with a kit of scents to use during our consultation.

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