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“Seek odiferous substances which present affinities with the human being we intend to treat, those which will compensate for his deficiencies, and those which will make his faculties blossom.”
- Marguerite Maury -

Tailor made perfume | Embrace the essence of who you truly are

Every person is as unique as their fingerprint. In fact, experts say that our olfactory fingerprint is also unique and differs depending on a set of genes that we inherit from our ancestors. Therefore, we all need a different approach to manifest ultimate health and balance, each step of the journey.

To create your custom made perfume, we work in person. In this co-creation, we focus on your needs and based on your personality and temperament, we select the ingredients that will weave the blend that will best resonate with your energy.

By the moment you receive your botanical perfume, is where your part begins. Your intention will make the difference . Natural scents , in a subtle way, that you can subconsciously , change patterns and limiting beliefs, effortlessly, aligning your vibration with plant allies, hence reflecting possitive changes in your mindset, emotional balance, and will to thrive.
The recipe is kept on file so you can re-order your perfume again at any time.

Session duration in person: two-hour meeting
online : three sessions, 45-minute each
Plus: support material and 15% discount on the next purchase of services.
* In the case of the distance session, the perfume kit sent by courier, the recipient will be charged a shipping and materials fee of 30€.
Create your own package according to your needs and desires. Create a group session with friends or  the office.
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Entering the world of natural perfumes is like a world of miracles, mystery and wonders. It is a truly transformative experience and I am looking forward to share it with you. Like music smell is an evolving experience always in motion, the nuances of aromatic notes are experienced in transition from one to another, weaving with their invisible threads.

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Why  is it important for you to choose natural fragrances and what are the benefits?

What we call wellbeing, is always reflecting a more conscious consumption and attitude towards anything synthetic we keep in our daily lives, whether it is food,water, clothing, cleaning products, cosmetics and very important perfumes. So why to prefer naturals:

Phyto-aromatherapy is a multi-level approach that acts holistically on all levels of existence, physical, mental, astral spiritual.

Natural perfumes are perfectly compatible with your body. That is why your body absorbs them making natural fragrances lack the longevity that a synthetic counterpart would have. But do you know that the ingredient that makes synthetic fragrances last longer on skin, is phthalates. Phthalate is in simple words, liquid plastic, that creates a film on your skin,that does not allow your perfume to be absorbed (thats the long lasting effect)  with very negative consequences for our general health and wellness.

Natural ingredients, do not try to mask an unpleasant smell, like synthetic fragrance do. Instead they prevent or suppress infections, microbes or bacteria that cause the unpleasant odour in the body. So they do not mask the symptom but rather provide a treatment.

It is proven by studies that natural perfumes harmonize by enhancing the bioelectric energy in our body therefore balancing the bioelectric energy of each cell.

Natural stimuli activate the senses and set in motion the natural mechanisms of self-healing and self-protection without giving wrong messages, confusing our instincts. Talking about pheromones. Pheromones are the chemical messengers of synthetic perfumes to influence attraction.

They can, in a natural way, regulate basic functions, such as appetite, body temperature and memory, thus influencing the quality of life we experience.

They stimulate  imagination and creativity, allowing your talents to shine.

They remind you ~ the essence of the moment~  inspire a sense of fulfillment that lasts.

Composed of a palette of natural ingredients of high frequency and quality, they are a weapon in your quiver for overall health and well-being.

Nature’s euphoria is the simplest path to reconnect with the euphoria of body, mind, and heart.
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