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I’m Zoe, a certified Botanical Perfumer and Olfactory Wellness Educator. I’m here to guide and support you in your transformative journey of self-healing through an aromatic experience.
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Ever since I can remember, I have been connecting with the beauty of the world around me through smell. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when this journey began, as each step is a step closer to the truth I now experience.

I grew up in Halkidiki, Greece, a place of breathtaking natural beauty, and the birthplace of Aristotle. Its energy and aetheric field are infused with a quest for holistic healing, and I was open to receive and connect with it.

Motherhood was my “eureka” moment; wellness became my calling, and natural oils opened a portal to the secrets of the universe. This experience shaped my principles, and those of my brand Nymphaea. A brand which uses only 100% natural ingredients to connect you to the healing energy of plants.

I have undertaken numerous courses in botanical perfumery, aromatherapy, and olfactory training. Every day, I’m learning more about the powerful effects of scent on general health and wellbeing.

In 2019, I founded Nymphaea Aromatics to express my art and inner quest. Through botanical fragrances, I invite you to explore the inner fragrance of your soul and to live vibrantly in harmony with nature.

My goal is to reconnect you with the world of natural fragrances and the ways they can benefit your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. My mission is to illuminate the Greek aromatic heritage and revive ancient methods of healing through scent.

Your nose is a holistic healer for your whole existence. It’s time to start listening!
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Botanical Perfumer

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"Be Here
and Now, through a transcendent olfactory experience"

Perfume to me is one of the magic substances in the universe. An energy that is invisible and intangible, yet carries all the power of creation. My mission is to inspire you through an olfactory experience to reconnect with the essence of the perfume, which is the very essence of mother nature, and enjoy your own infinite inner beauty. To unfold this fragrant path that reconnects with the power of scent and olfactory awareness. It is very important to be open to the hidden forces of natural fragrances! The right perfume can pave the way to a life of happiness, fulfilment, peace and freedom. After all, we all have the wisdom of nature in our DNA and we all know which perfumes can lift us psychologically and which perfumes can relief stress or anxiety. I want to explore this subconscious knowledge that we all share and to discover the ancient secrets of the art of Botanical Perfumery. So, get ready for an exciting journey, you will only need your intuition!


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