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Nymphaea offers a new holistic approach on perfumery, understandind the power of natural aromatics on the senses.  Aromas with the aim to reconnect, to shift and alter your vibration, by consciously choosing, brain’s memory imprint, using plant allies.

Natural perfume formulations are complex, featuring aromatic naunses including pure essential oils, resins, absolutes, concretes, C02 extracts and natural isolates. These ingredients give natural perfume the ability to evolve, transform and form a life of their own on their wearer. Combined with your own natural aromatic fingerprint, they create a unique scent, just as unique as you are.

Our Promise

These products are made with 100% natural ingredients, crafted with love and intention, to give you the benefits of phytotherapy and the therapeutic benefits of each plant. An experience that can rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.



Our Inspiration

The circular flow of natural forces, generated by the source of light in nature, that forms solar and lunar circles, reflecting in seasons and different plantations around our planet, is a part of Nymphaeas’ philosophy.

Our Values

Nymphaea products do not contain silicone, petrochemicals, mineral oils, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances, PEG or parabens.
They are composed of certified, organic, therapeutic grade essential oils and extracts from organic leaves, stems, petals, roots, and fruits. All products are gluten-free,  not tested on animals and vegen except in case of solid perfumes that we  use natural beeswax as a component.

 Nymphaea aromatics are crafted with love and intention, for those who seek simplicity, celebrating the inherent truth that nature generously provides.

Nymphaea Collection

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