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Aromatic StoriesWhich perfume is best for me?

Which perfume is best for me?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How can I choose my perfume, and the best combination of essential oils for me? How will I know which one suits me and will be good for me?

There are many experienced aromatherapists today who can give us the knowledge and information about the essential oils which are suitable for us, according to their healing properties and out needs.



Ever since I started using essential oils, in my first encounters with these wonderful beings, my guide and criterion for choosing which oil suits me best each time was to ‘feel’ that scent which fills me with euphoria, warmth and fullness every time.

Our body is an organism of infinite intelligence, which functions irrespective of whether we are fully aware of it or not.

In the same way that our stomach digests the food we eat without us having to know which enzymes are being used, or a fetus is developed and born without the mother knowing at all times exactly what processes take place, it is the same case with osmology! We do not need to know the essential oil’s chemical composition and how it will give the right stimuli to our brain.


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We need to trust this perfect, intelligent organism, and feel the scent that benefits us each time.

Of course, there are other factors we can take into account when choosing our perfume, such as our natural body scent, the end result we want for our perfume (for example, earthy, wooden, floral, spicy), the effect we want it to have on ourselves but also on those around us who will smell it through us.

Additionally, our emotional state, our physical health, our gender, each season of the year, even the time of the day determine the perfume that we will use.

By choosing our personal perfume in this way, we can easily boost our emotional state, and enjoy tranquility, freshness, romance, joy, sexuality and confidence!!!

Everyone who uses them daily has loved them already. There are so many aromatic combinations that we can enjoy!

I am always at your disposal for our aromatic rendezvous.


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