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Aromatic StoriesA primitive Art unchanged over the centuries
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A primitive Art unchanged over the centuries

Natural perfumes, the refreshing essential scent of life, an essential, intangible substance which is all-nourishing and all-enclosing. A wonderful, ethereal garment that gives divine sweetness to every sensation, going beyond the health and the strength of our physical body.



An archetypal, unadulterated scent like the flower scents of nature can forever seal the soul of a being, and act as a reminder of our own true origin, our divine nature and the unity of all.

The use of perfumes from flower extracts (essential oils) is rooted in the depths of time, and it is inextricably linked to the development of aromatic medicine. This can help us understand how we can positively affect our mental and physical health, promote our well-being, feel exalted and inspired in everyday life and at the same time smell the purity and euphoria of the blossoming nature!


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Essential oils are alive, and they are working for our growth and development. Their energy is invisible and elusive; yet, each oil acts in its own subtle way, giving a specific therapeutic effect: awakening our potential, activating our virtues, improving our energy field and awakening our body’s self-healing dynamic.

Energy aromatherapy acts at all levels of the human entity and not just the material sphere. Along with their properties that are absorbed in the physical body due to their chemical composition, they also affect our most subtle bodies, such as the body of intellect, emotion and soul.

Perfumes, when created in this way, can inspire and awaken, through the love, wisdom and truth that manifests itself in nature. Through the sense of smell, they penetrate into us, releasing the refreshing flow of our energy!

Thank you for the inspiration and our wonderful fragrant interactions!


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