The Art of Botanical Perfume

 Handmade & authentic plant medicine-perfumes for body and soul

A luxurious range of perfumes, made with organic plant extracts and essential oils, that nourish the body, mind and soul in a holistic approach.

Welcome to nymphaea

Welcome to Nymphaea

Relax and allow yourself this journey of healing, through pleasure, love and euphoria.

Decades of experience in an ever-growing relationship with wildcrafting perfumery, aromatherapy and herbal healing, come together in the form of Nymphaea, with the purpose of sharing the secrets of wellbeing and beauty, through top-quality olfactory experience and unique aromatherapy techniques.
This is medicine for the soul and aν armor for our energy field.
I choose to create all natural perfumes, in the same way as someone chooses to work with precious jemstones instead of plastic beads. Even when the two look similar , their essence is never the same. I always wanted the real think at any cost, and in the world of perfumery the real simply means the natural. Looking for the real itself is a path of discovering the Truth.
My intention is to develop a personalized scent that works with your own energy to reconnext eith the Ef Zin of the ancient Greeks, which is life’s know how.


handmade with love and
intention especially for you.

All natural

All natural ingredients, no synthetics and preservatives

Vegan & cruelty free

We never use animal delivered ingredients,
& all perfumes are vegan and cruelty free

Love award winning

Thank you for all your love
and support all these years.
We feel like love award winners

Personal perfume


A scent is a story told in many layers – each one, revealing and guiding us to a new level of understanding. Whilst it carries hints of our past stories, relationships and experiences with nature, its purpose is to bring us into the vibration of our best “Now” – unlocking a world of our new relationships with plants, sustainability, healing, and expression of our highest self.

At Nymphaea, our blends combine ancient perfumery secrets with the most modern methods, to achieve pure and compelling signature perfume concepts which honour health on all levels, and feed our artistic hunger to co-create with nature.

Nymphaea the Blog

*What is a botanical perfume and  the benefits using botanical perfumes*

Nymphaea Natural Perfumes combine modern aromatherapy with the ancient tradition of alchemy, signing exciting fragrant stories that honor and promote holistic health and boost our artistic inspirations, making us co-create with nature.

*Be the change you want to see in the world*

Make an everyday ritual to harmonize body mind and spirit choosing a perfume with natures’ beneficial vibrations.

*The Art of Self Care*


Holy Nows How holy is your ‘now’? How magical is your moment? How alive is your everyday life? Plenty of times during the day, we find ourselves wishing for a change in our lives, wishing for our dreams to come true, praying for a miracle to happen. All this is perfect, except we sometimes forget that we too have a little magic on our fingertips and we can sprinkle it onto everything we want. There are some tiny but yet powerful things that we can do to turn a plain ‘now’ into a holy one; turn an ordinary moment into an extraordinary one; turn life into true blessed living.

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Nymphaea to me is my mantram, my kind reminder for a fragrant lifestyle. An opportunity to embrace connecting with Nature and Yourself, and engage on the path of authentic conscious living.

In Greek mythology, the Nymphs were female spirits of the natural world. They were ethereal goddesses who processed the wild beauty of nature, and had undertaken the weaving of life into rivers, springs, meadows, mountains and seas. The Nymphs were divine alchemists and healers of the forests, who painted the secret beauty on the canvas of nature, giving color to all life. Theophrastus used this name to describe the Lotus plant around 300 BC, and it refers to the ancient Greeks’ preference to dedicate the water lilies to the virgin demigods of the waters, the Nymphs.

With best quality ingredients

I only create eco-friendly, natural perfumes with pure, organic essential oils.  All of my blends are made of carefully selected oils to achieve the best optimum synergy with the highest possible frequency. The blends are unique, and each one carries a purpose. I take the time when creating the mixtures to ensure the perfume embodies all of the luxuries of nature. After all, that’s what perfumes should be about.

I use certified organic and therapeutic grade essential oils , absolutes, and extracts from raw and organic plants.  My perfumes are toxin free and do not contain the heavy metals, phthalates, parabens, petro-chemicals, PEGs, or synthetic preservatives you find in traditional perfumes.