What is a Botanical Perfume?

Botanical perfumes are blends consisting of pure essential oils and 100% natural raw materials. They are the ideal choice for everyone who wishes to avoid the conventional chemical perfumes and the harmful effect their long-term usage has on the human body. Nymphaea Botanical Perfumes are made solely of natural ingredients such as essential oils and botanical extracts; our bottles not only offer a pleasant aroma, but they boost our well-being and promote our physical, emotional and mental health.  

Rooted in the realm of spirituality, Nymphaea Botanical Perfumes combine the art of Aromatherapy with the ancient practice of Alchemy. Each perfume creates a unique and fascinating fragrant story that honors the philosophy of a virtuous life, and ignites our artistic inspirations to co-create with nature. Botanical perfuming could be seen as a form of art that resembles that of a painter. The perfumer, with the essential oil palette in hand, approaches her work with the highest possible attention to detail that is meant for the perfume. The result is the creation of unique perfume blends, each of which holds its own magical story.

The benefits of natural perfumes

Natural perfumes speak to our hearts and reveal their secrets to us. If we listen to them carefully, we will understand that humans and nature are in essence one single organism, since natural perfumes act as a medium with which we can feel the euphoria of nature inside our own body.

The benefits of the essential oils are innumerable. Here are some of the many benefits:

– Natural perfumes work well with our body; they can balance our energy and work every time to uplift our spirit.

– They activate our senses and set in motion the physical mechanisms of self-healing and self-protection.

– They carry the imprint of the past and they relocate it in the beauty of the present moment. They have an impact on memories by healing them or by keeping them alive and ever present. With the past healed and released we can construct a brand new and thriving present!

– Working on the sense of smell, they can naturally regulate some basic bodily functions such as appetite, body temperature, and memory, thus affecting our thoughts and the consequent way in which we experience everything in life.

-They reveal the quintessence and the therapeutic power of plants, infusing harmony to our body in a gentle, subtle and surprisingly effective way.

-They consist of a palette of natural ingredients which are of high frequency and quality, that brighten the mind and purify the heart.

-They stimulate our imagination and creativity, thus enhancing our talents and inspiration.

-They remind us of the true fragrance of our soul and inspire sense of wholeness in life.

How to choose the right perfume

Through a 1 on 1 session, we will talk about your desires to develop a perfume specifically for your needs! Or you can choose from the blends that we have created to suit every occasion and every goal. So, every time you wear or smell your perfume, you consciously get closer and closer to the qualities and virtues you want to attract in your life.

Below you can find a guide with the qualities which our blends promote: