The Blossoming Blog #3 – The magic key

Have you ever wondered how we can make the most of every scent we smell and enhance every moment with joy, health and wellness, simply by choosing the right perfumes for each period? It is easy as long as we remember that every smell works like a code, like a magic key as I often like to say. It is a key that opens the doors of our inner rooms, such as the ‘room’ of relationships, the room of career, abundance, love, creativity, bliss and so on; or as we would say more scientifically, each scent unlocks and decodes a memory or an emotion.

We can reasonably conclude that depending on how harmonious the scents we smell around us are, our thoughts and feelings are correspondingly harmonious. Fragrances have the ability to heal exceptionally fast, in a simple and pleasant way, connecting us to a beautiful way of life.

I want to share with you the essential oils that I choose now that we spend a little more time at home. These are oils that we can use either in a diffuser or in our bath, as a fragrance for our body, or simply use the plants we have in our garden just by smelling them. So we can easily unlock all the treasures of our existence.

1* Bergamot

Bergamot, or begarmudu (which literally means ‘the Prince’s pear), unlocks the room of joy, optimism and peace. It is the warm embrace we need when we are not feeling very well. It is the hand that lifts us when our mood is heavy. Bergamot acts fast against depression and immobilizing stress. It gives us warmth and hope, and relieves us of the burden of loneliness, rejection and low self-esteem. It helps us find our authenticity by cutting off any concerns about the opinion of others, and it makes us less strict with ourselves, urging us to enjoy life in a deeper level.

You will find it in Flora Orientalis and Terpsis!

2* Jasmine

It is easy to understand which room jasmine unlocks, if we take a look at Kama, the Indian god of love; according to tradition, he is depicted holding a bow and arrows wrapped in jasmine. The scent of this magical flower works effectively and quickly against coldness and sexual impotence. It awakens our mood to flirt and fall in love, and stimulates our appetite for life. It dispels apathy and fear, it makes us smile spontaneously, and it gives us confidence in our strength in ourselves. Jasmine is famous for its ability to help the wearer find one’s love-mate. It is the perfect key to love!

You will find it in Aenaon, Kallimon and Flora Orientalis!

3* Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an ancient herbal medicine; there is written evidence stating that cinnamon was more valuable than gold, which is why it was used as a currency. There are also ancient Egyptian texts that mention over 700 treatments offered by cinnamon for various ailments. Its fragrance is said to bring success, activation, toning and warmth. It creates a nice and warm atmosphere both in our home and in our hearts, as it has an excellent tonic and antidepressant effect. It increases blood flow to the brain keeping us alert and boosting our memory. It attracts abundance and prosperity into our lives, and illuminates our moments with love.

You will find it in Obnia which the blend for Abundance!

4* Rose

Rose is the queen of perfumes. It is considered to be the most expensive essential oil, but this is a wrong assumption since a single oil drop contains the fragrance and the therapeutic value of an entire bouquet. It brings about euphoria and good mood by expelling sadness, while simultaneously offering relief from negative emotions and stress. It could be easily called the remedy for the soul, since it is associated with the desires of the heart, and its mission as a perfume is to help us experience the subtlest qualities of the universe, the subtlest qualities of all-encompassing love.

You will find it in Kallimon!

5* Peppermint

Mint encourages concentration, and provides clear and calm thinking. It contributes to a good, light mood, and it offers a beautiful outlook on life. At the same time, on another level, it stimulates the spirit, it activates and rejuvenates us, so that we can have a better understanding of the mysteries that are revealed in our soul. Those who tend to become lethargic in everyday life, thinking that everything has been lost and everything has failed, are activated, and return to the heart of their inner self. This fragrance will in no way make the person rest by remaining inactive or indifferent to reality; on the contrary, it increases the acuity, perception and alertness leading to the appropriate action. It is the key to creativity and a focused career.

You will find it in Flora Orientalis!

6 * Vetiver

Sometimes, there are secrets of the soul hidden deep in our hearts, buried so intricately that they don’t make any noise, they don’t urge the person to wake up and realize his great sleep, remembering who he really is. Vetiver can awaken these secrets, which often include other realizations, such as that we are not alone in the universe. This awakening may be unstable, or even unbalanced, but vetiver can bring us balance. It stops the endless dialogues of the mind and the turmoil caused by inevitable questions. It helps us stay calm when our life conditions are ‘disturbing’, while gently and discreetly, and without disturbing the creative forces, it gives us stability and calmness from any inner anxiety. It is this calmness in which all the answers we were looking for emerge. Vetiver is, for me, the key to self-love, the key to stability and truth ˙ these are the three virtues that open all doors.

You will find it in Pythea and Terpsis!

The way we live positively or negatively affects our health and the well-being we enjoy. What we love is our strength!


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