Sleeping beauty

I’ve always found fascinating all the expressions we use with the word ‘nose’: «I have a nose for it», «he is led by the nose», «they stick their noses in», «it was right under my nose», and so many more. If you look up the word ‘nose’ in the dictionary, it is stated that it is metaphorically «the ability to perceive». And I can’t help but wonder: how ‘awake’ can our noses be if we keep bombarding them with artificial, chemical scents? How can unnatural perfumes influence our perception not only of the physical world but also of our lives and mentality in general? Is it not now the time to awaken the power of our noses?

The sense of smell can protect us in many different aspects of our lives; it could be a food burning in the oven, a fire or a gas leak, but it can also protect us from people or situations that could be hazardous for us and our safety. It is true that a person’s body odor can reveal quite a few things for themselves, and this is something the nose can ‘catch’. An example of the significance of natural odor is a ritual that many Amazon tribes have: the couples that have decided to get married must first take the consent of the tribe’s specialists in discerning whether the future spouses’ odors are compatible. The bride and groom-to-be have, of course, different body odors, but they certainly have to be compatible to each other, because this indicates that their genes are compatible as well; in other words, healthy offsprings are ensured. 

But how can the power of smell be unleashed when we confuse it? It’s like when you want to talk to someone, but the words and the way you talk are not sending the message you intend to, and you end up confusing the other person instead of getting your message across. The same thing happens with our smell; chemical odors are, for the nose, the wrong vocabulary. And not only that! The more we expose ourselves to chemicals (conventional perfumes, conventional cleaning products, etc.), the more we put our noses to sleep. And instead of being healed and protected by a ‘full-awake’ nose, we force our sense to accept a wrong vocabulary, a wrong communication code. In the same way that our thoughts create the reality we live in, so do the perfumes we choose to use: natural or chemical, they enhance or obstruct, respectively, our vitality, our health, our protection, our well-being. 

So, how can we wake up this sleeping beauty?  The more we choose natural scents, the more we can reprogram our olfactory perception, which will give us back the power to perceive all the hidden messages that our environment sends us.

In essence, the reprogramming of our smell is the reset button for bringing our sense in its natural state; the state of perfect communication with the environment and us being in perfect alignment with it.


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