Secrets of Alchemy

The Universe is a vast ocean and the human body is a drop of this ocean. It carries all the data of the Universe, functioning as the micro-cosmos to the macro-cosmos. There is direct correspondence between the Universe (its planets, galaxies and solar systems) and the human body (its cells, organs, and every function occurring within it). This justifies why and how we are all influenced by Nature’s five elements: Ether, Fire, Air, Water and Earth. These are the five components of the Universe. They were first introduced by Plato, and they are known today as the Platonic solids.

Understanding how these elements function can make us build a better, stronger, healthier relationship with ourselves and with Nature, thus benefiting our physical and mental well-being.

Let’s find out how their unique properties can be used in botanic perfuming! 

The Platonic Solids (the theory of the five elements) in our perfume!

Our method is to use the platonic solids and associate their properties with the fragrance and the vibration of pure essential oils. Using the balance and the simplicity of Nature, we can achieve a subtle but strong change in our mood, in choice making, and in goal achievement. According to what we want to achieve, we can use the oils independently or combine them together for an optimal result. Inspiration is our guide!

Alchemy is the art of spiritual transformation to free soul.