Aphrodisiac, sensual, boosting,   brilliance of the feminine energy, grace,  creativity, inspiration, manifestation, love, blossoming of the Heart Chakra, self-confidence, trust, peace, tranquility, completion


Kallimon is a romantic walk in the rose gardens designed to enhance clarity and connect you to your center. With hints of Jasmin that embraces spicy cardamom reveals a classy empowering feminine perfume that boasts your imagination and willpower, being fascinated by all that is.

Made with essential oils and plant extracts combined in a nourishing base of organic jojoba oil. Τhe only secret ingredient is always love.

To wear, apply directly to wrists and then rub them onto other pulse points.

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty free.
Vegan, handmade, ethically sourced.

© Nymphaea



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You smell it and you think that’s the perfect smell for romance. 

And you smell it again, and now it’s not just romance targeted towards a person. It’s romance towards you, towards beauty, towards life itself, towards everything. It’s all-inclusive. It spreads wide. It’ s soft and calm like a breeze. It’s in everything. It is you loving you and everything that was or will be in life.

Additional information

Perfume trait

Aphrodisiac, sensual, attraction, Boosting and brilliance of the feminine energy, Concentration, focus, presence, Creativity, inspiration, manifestation, Love, blossoming of the Heart Chakra, Self-confidence, Trust, peace, tranquility, completion


Spicy, sweet, flowery, fresh, tenacious, heady, moody, integrated, bold

Prominent notes

Rose, jasmine, cardamom


Long-lasting, pure perfume extract


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