Group sessions

A great way to get in touch with the function of essential oils through proper guidance and knowledge are the group sessions. There you have the opportunity to get acquainted with how the essential oils affect our energy centers and to learn more about their properties, enjoying a healing journey of well-being and rejuvenation.

You can participate in the existing group sessions, where you will work together to develop your own unique perfume portrait or deepen your studies on botanical perfumes. Otherwise, if you are a group of three or more people, you can contact us to book a separate group session for you in Athens or in places where we will organize our fragrant trips.

The structure is hourly and together we will remember the history of perfumes and the principles of energy perfumery. The price is 90 euros for the first session and 75 euros for each extra hour. The price does not include the use of essential oils for creating perfumes.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Make an appointment to visit my premises

 Schedule now a personal or group visit to my perfume workshop for a unique perfume experience!

I am Zoe and I make handmade botanical perfumes; it is a form of art, elegance and co-creation with nature.

A Journey into our fragrant past

Get ready for an experience full of fascinating stories, knowledge, magic and mystery from the depths of time till today. Together we will smell valuable perfume extracts that have been used throughout time, unlocking stored memories through the sensual and inspired kingdom of perfumes.

Zoe will share with you, as a souvenir of this Alchemical experience, a bottle of the perfume you created together, so that you can reconnect with the vibration of the session.

This experience is for two people maximum. If you want to host a larger team, we are happy to meet your needs at an additional cost. Contact us to organize this unique trip in botanical perfumes.