Botanical perfuming in a nutshell

We all reach a point in our lives when we begin to search for the Truth concerning natural perfumes: it is the point where we start feeling fed-up with the bombardment of the perfume industry. Most of us may use artificial fragrances constantly in our daily lives through detergents, cleaning and care cosmetics, shampoos and shower gels, even in our coffee or dessert, in the candle that perfumes our personal space, or in the materials with which our houses are made. As you can imagine, all these are a plethora of messages that overwhelm our olfactory system, which fortunately has the intelligence to adapt to all these conditions.

In order to approach the philosophy of botanical perfuming, we must go back to antiquity, where perfumes were inextricably linked to spirituality and healing. It is no coincidence that the two later merged into one concept; it is what we now call spiritual healing.

Healing through the use of botanical perfuming is not limited to cold or headache remedies, but it brings a holistic healing to the body and mind directly from Nature’s pharmacy. For this reason, botanical perfumers learn to practice aromatherapy not only as a profession in the strict sense, but they also learn, having oftentimes an internal guidance, to connect with a wide field of knowledge that allows emotional relief, inspiration and union through botanical perfumes. Thus, natural fragrances can make us blossom in gratitude and love, helping us connect automatically with the Creator.

However, love without wisdom is fruitless. Having a firm knowledge of the essential oils and extracts is crucial for the botanical perfumer in order to become a tree that will bear fruit to nourish the human soul; after all, natural perfumes delight the soul and heal the body.

Of all senses, it is the sense of smell that is the most closely connected with our brain and our nervous system. This makes perfumes incredibly powerful, and it explains why a perfume or scent can so directly affect our emotional world.

Botanical perfumes can, very simply and directly:

  • change the way we act or perceive life, thus positively affecting our lives,
  • enhance our vigor and liveliness,
  • bring peace and happiness,
  • improve our memory and concentration,
  • enhance our spiritual clarity,
  • give us inspiration and love for life,
  • make us travel in time and space,
  • give flavor to our food but also to our own reality,
  • harmonize our energy field,
  • boost our athletic performances and our libido,
  • change the feeling of hunger and our body temperature.

It is therefore very important what we smell on us and around us. And just as we each have our own unique fingerprints, perfumes have also a unique effect on us, leaving their own mark on our emotional world. With the right choice of perfumes that suit our particular needs, we can dynamically make a start on something new, such as a date or a job interview, making full use of our potentials with confidence in ourselves.

There have been countless studies since antiquity on the function and effect of smell, and each time science simply comes to confirm what nature gives us so generously through each one of its manifestations. The original manuscript ‘De Materia Medica’ written by Dioscouridis around 60 AD remains even today, two thousand years later, surprisingly familiar in its descriptions of the properties and usage of herbs. This in itself is a kind of contract for the constant healing energy of nature, at a time when science and technology are constantly being overturned and self-defeating.

We are all nature’s children, and botanical perfumes are here to awaken this truth inside us. As Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, used to say, it is the natural forces within us that are the real healers of all diseases.


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