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Nymphaea Physis Aromas


Its time to
rise and shine

We all know that essential oils automatically transmit the energy of the plant in all levels of our existence, mind, body and spirit. Leaving an imprint , each and every time we sniff it. Many scientific studies have been conducted, and established the evaluation of the impact of inhalation has on the neurophysiology of the human brain and the importance of sniffing scents in our psychology.

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Nymphaea Perfumes

A natural scent
affects our mood, our mental clarity, our stress levels, our ability to concentrate and be creative during the day and so much more.

In these 1: 1 AromaSoul Coaching sessions we combine aromatherapy, energetic aromatherapy, and neuroscience of our olfactory system , using the power of sniffing , in releasing negative patterns and beliefs with the aim to set you free from any limitations and live the life you were created to live!

Through these sessions we work on:

* Traumatic memories

* Fears and doubts about ourselves and our strengths.

* Emotional difficulties

* Align with your true self

* Limiting beliefs

The negative internal dialogue

* Bad Habits

And also on a spiritual level :

* Sense of clarity, purpose, confidence for freedom

* A life with increased awareness and intuition

* You feel lighter, happier and full of energy!

Included in the Starter Kit (ask us for more details)

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Nymphaea Perfumes

Nymphaea Physis Aromas

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1: 1 Aroma Soul coaching session

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Nymphaea Perfumes

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Nymphaea perfumes is an alternative perfume brand, unlike other fragrances you may have experienced, chemical-free and additive-free, creating a space for wellness around us in any environment.

Nurturing and illuminating replenishing benefits to enhance a blissful fragrant lifestyle.  

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